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Rev. Fr. Jose Kaimlett

Good Samaritan Cancer & General Hospital was founded by Very Rev. Fr. Jose Kaimlett...

Coming into direct contact with the hard reality of the immense suffering, huge expenses and the prolonged delay in getting proper diagnosis and timely treatment for the cancer patients  in the metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Fr. Jose Kaimlett was inspired to start the Good Samaritan Cancer and General Hospital in Eluru.  His life time companion and guide Most Rev. John Mulagada, the late Bishop of Eluru, was getting treatment in a corporate hospital in a metropolitan city. Having seen the above complexities involved in diagnosis and treatment of the cancer patients, Fr. Jose started Good Samaritan Cancer Hospital for the people of the region with all the latest and advanced facilities.

Thanks to Very Rev. Jose Kaimlett, our founder, today we have the Good Samaritan Cancer & General Hospital in Eluru with all the latest technology and world class facilities.  Today we have all the necessary facilities for the proper and timely diagnosis of cancer and the means and personal to administer aggressive and adequate treatment to who are victims of this killer disease.  

Very Rev. Dr. Jose Kaimlett is a Roman Catholic Priest of the diocese of Eluru. He is unique and outstanding for his humanitarian, social and developmental activities that he could accomplish thus far. He has established various educational institutions for the welfare and development of the people of the region.  Among the various institutions and establishments founded by Rev. Dr. Jose Kaimlett, note worthy are the Heralds of Good News, Sisters of Good News, and the Missionaries of Compassion, which are the mother societies for many other foundations and charities.

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